Who we are
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Bill's 1995 GTI-VR6
Jason's 1998 GTI-VR6
Marcus' 1998 SC GTI-VR6 (sold)
Mike's 1997 GTI-VR6
My 1998 GTI-VR6
VentoDan's 2000 Turbo GTI GLX
Wally's 1996 GTI-VR6 (sold)
Wally's 2001 Audi S4

Q. Who are we?

A. Just a bunch of Dubheads from Long Island (and vicinity) who like to get together and talk cars, drink beers, and perform mods.

Bill's 1995 GTI-VR6

Jason's 1998 GTI-VR6 (updated 10/11/01)

Marcus' 1998 Supercharged GTI-VR6 (sold)

Mike's 1997 GTI-VR6

My 1998 GTI-VR6

VentoDan's 2000 Turbo GTI GLX

Wally's 1996 GTI-VR6 (sold)

Wally's 2001 Audi S4