VentoDan's 2000 Turbo GTI GLX
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 Dan has always pushed his car to its limits. 

This was the FIRST Turbo MkIV VR6.

He has outdone himself once again with the new look!

Smoothed, with boser-blick style hood...mmmmmm

More pics of Dan's ride:

  Haltech, MSD, Intercooler....this car is SICK!!!  Smoothed all over!!!!!!! 

Genuine Carbon Fibre Mirrors (a-la Dahlback Racing)  Custom 17" Kinesis wheels (super light, super strong!!)  Dan's ride (pre-smoothing)  ventodan1.jpg (60902 bytes)  ventodan3.jpg (62222 bytes)  gtioz.jpg (56184 bytes) 

A4GTI_11.jpg (61242 bytes)    wf14.jpg (26136 bytes)  wf15.jpg (23556 bytes)  ventodan before.JPG (59641 bytes)